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what a terrible day

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hosting a chat platform is a recurring idea, but :

-no one would come
-there are no techs fitting


@angristan sinon question sérieuse : pourquoi tu n'as pas attendu septembre pour prendre un MBP?

still wondering what could i run on stupid

-peertube? i have no content to share
-games? already hosting some, no one's playing

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tired of the world

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psa : update to 2.4.1 will be done today!

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everyone laughing their asses off because someone at E3 wore a road sign tshirt

i'm heartbroken

afters months of discussion i left discord and abandoned the bfnt server

i'm glad to know no one cared and people only went sad because m$ bought github

we are the only mastodon instance using the team tld :o